Online Master of Social Work

Master of Social Work Course Descriptions

Below are the courses required to earn the online Master of Social Work (MSW) from Our Lady of the Lake University. The curriculum is specifically designed to address emerging needs and trends in the social work community while building a time-tested foundation of skills and philosophies.

Our Lady of the Lake University’s online MSW program recognizes the Hispanic community as one with unique needs that has a large presence throughout the United States. By integrating a pedagogical component specifically oriented toward the Hispanic community, Our Lady of the Lake’s online MSW program is able to help fill the demand for social workers with the skills to work with the Hispanic population, one of the United States’ fastest-growing minority groups.

In addition to addressing societal needs and trends, Our Lady of the Lake’s online MSW program also equips students with the skills necessary to grow and advance with the social work profession as it evolves. Through courses in field education and social work research, students learn foundational theories and gain skills and knowledge that they apply both in the classroom and in the field.

A 30-credit-hour, Advanced Standing MSW program is available to students holding a bachelor’s degree in social work from an accredited program. The Advanced Standing program can be completed online in just under two years. Candidates holding any other bachelor’s degree can complete the Foundation, 57-credit-hour online MSW program in a little more than three years.

Course Descriptions

Advanced Standing Program Courses:

Foundation Program Courses: