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Why OLLU? Convenience.


Are you busy with life and want to have time to earn a Master's Degree? OLLU hasmany qualities that make it possible to earn a Master's even if you are busy. Some advantages are a simple schedule and flexible times.

After researching a number of universities, online and on campus, I was impressed with how Our Lady of the Lake University set up its schedule. For the online Masters of Social Work degree, you take two 8 week block classes a semester. This means that you only have one class at a time. And the classes go by quickly being less than two months each.

It sounded wonderful to me. I don't know about you, but juggling multiple assignments and projects is hard. During my undergrad, it was difficult to work on one project while I still had other assignments and even an internship to do for other classes. Sometimes I’d have two major papers due in different classes on the same day. Taking just one class at a time has relieved the fear of trying to please many professors at once.

Asynchronous Learning

There is also flexibility in when to attend class and complete assignments. Some of the other online programs I researched required you to be logged in at specific times to attend lectures. It destroyed the advantage of being online. However, at OLLU, there are prerecorded videos from your professor for each week. You can watch these videos anytime and are not required a specific time to log in (as long as you do so at least once a week). This was great news to me because I often work a swing shift and can't log in the same time every night.

When I started the program, I had one daughter. Now, I have two. Though busy being a husband and father, I am still able to meet the deadlines of assignments. I am not saying that the courses are simple, but the structure allows me to stay afloat and even have time to celebrate a two year old's birthday.


Working fulltime to provide for my little family makes it so that flexibility is a must. Most assignments for classes are due on Wednesday and Saturday. As long as I turn it in before midnight (central time), I can complete papers and projects anytime—whether that is a week in advance, two in the morning, or minutes before the deadline. This gives me enough time to do homework even though I am working. I can find a time that suits me.

About the Author

Joseph De Luca

I remember taking many personality tests, and always seeing at the bottom "social worker" as a career option. I was surprised that this kept coming up. I eventually looked up what social workers do. I felt like this was my personal calling in life. I also liked that it was not just one field I had to choose from but many different possibilities that I could choose from. I am currently working as a youth mentor and supervisor to teenage boys in a group home. It has been great and challenging. I have also been a medical social worker working in an orthopedic rehab center where I learned to work with patients and their families to ensure both were taken care of. Outside of social work, I love playing early morning basketball with friends. I am married and have 2 beautiful daughters, one is 2 years old and the other will soon be 8 months.