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Joseph De Luca – Online MSW Student

Joseph De Luca

I remember taking many personality tests, and always seeing at the bottom "social worker" as a career option. I was surprised that this kept coming up. I eventually looked up what social workers do. I felt like this was my personal calling in life. I also liked that it was not just one field I had to choose from but many different possibilities that I could choose from. I am currently working as a youth mentor and supervisor to teenage boys in a group home. It has been great and challenging. I have also been a medical social worker working in an orthopedic rehab center where I learned to work with patients and their families to ensure both were taken care of. Outside of social work, I love playing early morning basketball with friends. I am married and have 2 beautiful daughters, one is 2 years old and the other will soon be 8 months.

  • I have always enjoyed customer service jobs. I have worked in many different positions. Tech support, warehouse job, and even sales. I never got a full satisfaction in these types of jobs. I felt out of place when I was working in these environments.

  • Several friends have told me that they couldn’t do online school because it would be difficult to stay motivated.

  • Going into a graduate program, especially an online one, it is possible to focus just on homework and ignore time for yourself, friends, and family.

  • Going in to the internship, the main thought may be to get experience and hours. However, it is also a great opportunity to network. Using the field work placement for networking makes it a more joyful and fulfilling experience.

  • Pursuing a Master’s degree is great. As wonderful and challenging as it can be, it can also be exhausting without having support from others. As a grad student, you need a support system. In social work, we focus on the clients’ social support system.

  • Part of the online experience is discussion boards. These can be done either written or video recorded. When you enroll into the MSW program, there is a student code of contract that needs to be reviewed and signed.

  • One of the reasons that I wanted to pursue a Master’s Degree was to gain more employment opportunities.

  • You may be wondering how difficult a Master’s Degree might be or what kind of things you should expect. A Master’s Degree can be burdensome but it can be accomplished if you are determined enough to finish once you start. You may feel that 18 months or 2 years is a long time.

  • Are you busy with life and want to have time to earn a Master's Degree? OLLU hasmany qualities that make it possible to earn a Master's even if you are busy. Some advantages are a simple schedule and flexible times.

  • The most rewarding, yet challenging, experience in the MSW curriculum is the practicum. Initially, I was concerned about finding an internship that met the requirements and fit into my schedule.

  • You are probably wondering why there isn’t a capstone to do for OLLU. I was required to do a capstone for my undergrad while doing an internship. Let me tell you that was not an easy process.

  • Every class in my online MSW program that I have taken thus far has focused on working with the Hispanic population. I have learned principles that all social workers should know when working with Hispanic clients.

  • Throughout the online Masters of Social Work program, I have strengthened my research skills. The classes require scholarly articles to be cited in discussion posts and papers. By this point in the program, I can find a relevant article with ease.