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Adapting to Online Grad School 20 Years Post-BSW Graduation

Are we ever too old to learn? Will my investment pay me back? How will I fit school into a busy Mom life? Will I start and then have to quit? What if I can’t find a job? The questions could go on and on.

Starting Out and a Leap of Faith

Graduating in 1995 with my BSW I was blessed to find a job in a health system, become licensed and make many friends. Later moving to Indiana I was able to work again with a large health system with my bachelors, not requiring licensure. Our family move to Georgia put a new perspective on my goals. While I believe I have always had this perspective, I now live in a state that only has master’s level licensure. Was this the push I needed, God opening a door to a path of needing further education to meet my goals and help sustain my family? My husband – my biggest fan, and I know I’m blessed – thinks I can accomplish anything when it comes to my social work goals. I had seriously considered school in 2011, but soon after looking into the program my husband experienced a layoff and we moved to Georgia for an amazing job opportunity for him.

The road to this has been long and bumpy but truly a blessing! God knows every piece to our unique individual puzzles and he never loses a piece. So I began to reflect, and quickly soon after I found OLLU online. I had searched for schools and never had seen OLLU until now, why? Was this the right time, now, could it be? I leaned on my faith, praying and trusting. I applied and got into the concentration program, yes twenty years out of college. How could I turn this down? I couldn’t my answers were in front of me.

The Right Decision

My years of working in the hospital with my BSW I would not trade. Those years built my skill, boosted my confidence and secured my love for one of the greatest careers anyone could become family to. How will I adjust I thought. Three beautiful girls, 14, 12, and 9, busy, fun, faith filled, they were to become my greatest support alongside my husband. So here I am and it’s working. It can be hectic with long evenings, and somewhat overwhelming considering when I went to school you signed up and waited at a computer lab for a turn on a computer to type a paper (that is if it had to be typed). Oh my how far the world of technology has come. The key is being patient with yourself and know that OLLU is there for you, each and every step of the way. The professors, staff, my classmates have quickly become part of my journey! If you need help it is there…. You are not alone. OLLU wants you to become the best at what you do and the care is GENUINE. My questions and insecurities still creep in, but I trust and I know OLLU has my best in mind and they will do the same for you.

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Kimberly Dembickie

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