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Tuition and Financial Aid

As an online student with Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU), you’ll find personal, professional and spiritual growth, and this advanced education is a significant investment.

We hope to provide you all the information you need to make an informed financial decision. To estimate your program’s cost, take a look at your program-specific tuition page.

Financial Aid to Fund Your Education

You’re not alone if you need support. Ninety percent of OLLU students receive financial aid to ease their transition back to school.

Our financial aid counselors will work directly with you to help you determine your best course of action.

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Your first step is to apply for the Free Application for Federal Aid (FAFSA). Apply as early as possible to receive priority awarding and remember to re-apply every year.

Use OLLU’s federal school code in your application: 003598.

Employer Tuition Reimbursement

Almost 70% of employers nationwide offer tuition assistance incentives.1 Ask your human resources department if your company provides this benefit.

Military Benefits

To honor your service, military students receive a 10% tuition credit from OLLU. We’re also a Yellow Ribbon School and offer potential tuition reimbursement through the Post-9/11 G.I. Bill.

Tuition-Lock Guarantee

Earn a private education without worrying about a tuition increase with the OLLU4U tuition-lock program. Incoming freshmen, transfer and current undergraduate students can lock in the cost of tuition for four consecutive years of undergraduate study allowing you to better plan for tuition expenses.

You may also take advantage of external scholarships, loans and OLLU’s payment plans. If you have any financial aid questions, request more information anytime or call 855-275-1082.

Top 4 Reasons for Your Employer To Support You

If your company doesn’t have a formal tuition reimbursement plan, consider talking to them about how financially contributing to your education is a wise investment. Here are some benefits to share:


Investing in you costs your company much less than recruiting, hiring and training someone new who already has a more advanced degree. In addition, the IRS reimburses companies up to $5,250 per employee per year for educational expenses.


At OLLU, we’ve intentionally built our programs to fit the lives of working professionals, so you won’t have to quit your job or even cut back your hours. Our asynchronous online courses allow you to learn whenever and wherever you please.


As you learn online with OLLU, you’ll bring your new skills and up-to-the-minute insights to work with you right away, not just when you graduate. Your education immediately enhances your value as an employee and team member.


Many organizations rely on a percentage of their employees holding advanced degrees. By supporting your education, your employer can improve their standing in certification and accreditation programs while touting their well-educated workforce.

To learn more about the benefits of employer tuition reimbursement, call 855-275-1082 or request more information today.

Tuition Calculator

Are you looking to estimate your total out-of-pocket cost, including tuition and financial aid? Our tuition calculator can help.*

At Our Lady of the Lake University, we’re committed to offering affordable, accessible, and high-quality online degree programs. We also believe in transparency, avoiding hidden costs whenever possible.

To get started, select your desired program. Stuck on something? Click on the information icons for additional context.


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*The Tuition Calculator is based on programmatic information provided by Our Lady of the Lake University and information you provide. All financial calculations should be taken as potential estimations and not actuals. These figures do not include additional fees and expenses (e.g., textbooks, technology fees, supplies, etc.). The use of this calculator is not an application for admission or financial aid. Please consult with an admissions team member to get a more accurate sense of total tuition or request additional information.


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