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The Importance of Time Management

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Many of us are torn between a variety of roles, which is all the more reason to incorporate an effective set of time management skills to our repertoire. Time management skills are especially important to a student’s success in OLLU’s 8 week accelerated classes. One aspect of time management is prioritization. As a mother, spouse, and full-time student I’m responsible for completing and fulfilling a multitude of daily tasks, commitments, and assignments. In prioritizing my tasks, based on the level of importance, I’m able to determine which tasks and assignments should be completed and which tasks can be set aside for a later date. This is most effective for me when I breakdown my tasks into short and long term goals while implementing a plan to execute tasks that need to be completed on a daily basis. Now let’s talk realistically, there are definitely instances where other aspects of your life will have some effect on completing these tasks. However, a predetermined execution plan allows for those unexpected moments.

The 8 week courses OLLU offers is intended for students who wish to attain a degree in a condensed time frame. Specifically, for those of us that are already employed but want to further our education or want to obtain a degree in an alternative field. The implementation of time management skills allows students to track and complete assignment deadlines. The more energy a student puts into applying time management into their list of skills to use the more likely it is for the student to be successful in their studies. Moreover, the time management skills that are learned throughout your academic journey will be greatly beneficial in your professional life and as you advance in your career. The more I advanced in my career the more work I was responsible for. The implementation of time management helped me to create structure in order to avoid being overwhelmed from stress.

The Reward

Now, with every concerted effort comes great reward. If time management is effectively incorporated into your daily routine, you will have time for some much needed fun. Whether you like walks in the park, soaking up some sun at the beach, or getting in some gym time. It’s important to include some rest and relaxation into your schedule in order to produce quality work in a timely manner. Whatever you decide to do during your down time just make sure it’s something of value rather than something that is done just to avoid your school work. All these components to time management are imperative to the success of our education and if implemented correctly will help alleviate needless stress throughout our educational and professional endeavors.

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