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Social Workers: Employment Opportunities to Help Children [Infographic]

Social workers approach their role with passion, always striving to help those they serve. One area where social workers’ empathy really shines through is with children. This can manifest from personal experience (parenting) or simply an altruistic duty to give them the care they need and deserve. Often, this desire results in the pursuit of a role as a child advocate- enabling social work professionals to help this often underserved population.

To enter into these roles, social workers need to undergo special training that helps foster trust and open up clear communication with the children they see. Those with current social work experience will need further education to change to a career track that allows them to work more with children. 

The infographic below highlights the three main areas where those with a Master of Social Work can find child-centric roles. Schools and government agencies are top employers, but there are so many other places to practice your calling. Find out some of the top choices for social work jobs.

Click on the image below to see the full infographic:

Preview of infographic

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Want to Learn More?

To learn more about working with children in the field of social work, download our comprehensive guide to working with children.

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