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Inside the Mind of a Social Worker [Infographic]

It is nearly impossible to know what goes on in someone else’s mind but as social workers and others know, finding out as much as possible is quite instructive.

To make a difference, a social worker might not need all of the social values and skills listed in the infographic below, but those who exhibit the majority of them, however, are likely to add value to their profession for the long-term. As students go through the coursework in a Master of Social Work program they can determine what specific area of social work is better suited for them and their skill level.

Important values needed in the field of social work are continued growth, empathy, ethical boundaries, insightful, and psychology awareness. To be able to understand people’s circumstances and the motivations for their actions require a certain set of social skills. Social workers tend to possess some or all of the following skills; communication, organization, coordination, listening, multi-tasking, and an understanding of the developmental stages in adults and children.

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Preview of infographic

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Learn more about how you can advance in a rewarding social worker career; download our comprehensive free guide to working with children.

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