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Advantages of Online School

Balancing Work, School and Family

Many of us fulfil a variety of roles within our personal and professional lives which makes online school all the more appealing. The option of attaining a degree online has many advantages for those of us that are unable to attend traditional on-campus classes. As a spouse and mother, online school has proven beneficial for me because of its flexibility and accessibility.

The flexibility of online classes allows us to customize our schedule and learning environment. Having the ability to prioritize your school work load around the number of other commitments we are expected to achieve, lessens the level of stress one might encounter if they are to present in a systematic classroom setting. I’m not constricted to set days or times when I have to attend a class. This gives me the opportunity to complete my school work at my own pace while still being able to accomplish other obligations outside of my educational goals. As an online student I am able to choose when and where I complete my schoolwork. Whether I am at home lounging around, enjoying a gorgeous day at the beach, or going on a weekend getaway with the family. The flexibility of an online education enables me to relish in my essential self-care and quality family time, while still meeting my school assignments and deadlines.

24 Hour Course Access

The 24-hour accessibility of online courses is beneficial to distance learners because it gives us access to our course materials wherever we are and whenever we need access. Whether we are reviewing the assigned weekly reading, announcements, checking our grades, or submitting an assignment. The unlimited access we have to our course gives us the luxury of not being tied to a classroom in order to complete our work. This is an especially convenient facet to online learning because despite a student’s other responsibilities outside of school, they can still continue to pursue their educational goals while still satisfying other obligations at work or home.

This amount of access has been tremendously valuable to me in my educational endeavors while my spouse was active duty military. As a military family, frequents moves are inevitable which could have been a hindrance on my educational plan. However, because of the accessibility of the online environment, I have been able to continue working towards my academic goals without disruptions. The most recent example of when the accessibility of online school was advantageous is when my spouse retired from the military and we moved from California to New York. The family drove across the country to our final destination but this did not affect my school in any way because during our trip I was able to submit assignments and constantly check the site for announcements, feedback, and grades.

My experience with the online Master of Social Work at OLLU has been incredibly sufficient. Mainly because it affords me the opportunity to customize my schedule to accommodate for all aspects of my life. Many of us have a plethora of responsibilities to achieve personally and professionally which gives all the more reason to consider distance learning as an option in attaining your degree.

About the Author

Monica Romero

Monica Romero is a full-time online MSW student at OLLU with 16 years of experience working with children and families in child development, school-age, and teen programs in various leadership roles.