Ethical Issues in School and Professional Counseling - COUN 8310

Format: Online

Duration: 14 weeks

Credit: 3

Counseling children and adolescents can involve a lot of personal and sensitive situations. Along with the law, knowledge of the counseling Code of Ethics provides school counselors with ethical guidance and is a critical part of maintaining professional licensure and certification.

In this course, you will closely study the American Counseling Association’s most recent Code of Ethics and its standards. You will develop your understanding of the vital importance of having an ethical practice and how you can approach and resolve ethical dilemmas and issues in your work.

Course Highlights

  • Write a statement of informed consent for clients.
  • Respond to a hypothetical counseling situation to explore ethics around client confidentiality.
  • Learn a standard framework for keeping clinical notes.

Course Topics

Throughout each week of the course, you will focus on a core topic or theme. Sample topics for COUN 8310 are listed below and are subject to change based on the instructor.

  • Introduction and Standards
  • Professional Identity
  • Multicultural Perspectives
  • Client Rights and Counselor Responsibilities
  • Confidentiality
  • Records, Notes and Technology
  • Boundaries and Relationships
  • Competence and Training
  • Supervision and Consultation
  • Children and Vulnerable Populations
  • Couples, Families and Groups
  • School and Community Ethical Dilemmas
  • Resolving Ethical Dilemmas
  • Reflection on Professional Ethics

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of COUN 8310 students will be able to:

  • Identify ethical dilemmas and their components
  • Analyze the role and nature of the ACA Code of Ethics and the ASCA Standards
  • Compare and evaluate methods for resolving ethical dilemmas
  • Critique the rationale and outcomes of ethical dilemmas
  • Recommend a preferred method of resolving ethical situations

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The content presented on this page is representative information for example purposes and is subject to change as course and student needs change over time.