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What Can You Expect from Your MBA Experience?

Though MBA programs vary in terms of content and available concentrations, there are several common experiences between the Foundational coursework, and the time it takes to balance work, home and an MBA program. If you’re considering going to business school for an MBA, this short article will introduce the topics covered in a typical MBA program and provide tips for balancing personal and professional life with the demands of an MBA program.

Typical MBA Curriculum

The foundational element of any MBA program is its core curriculum. This coursework provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the skills, strategies, and competencies needed to lead in business. Core courses typically make up a little more than half of the total credit hours. Our Lady of the Lake University’s online MBA, for example, is comprised of 36 credit hours — 21 of which consist of core courses. This foundational coursework exposes students to the following topics:

  • Management theory and the decision-making practices
  • Managerial control systems, including budgetary models and performance measurements
  • Marketing functions, operations, and strategies within the organizational structure
  • Information systems/ technology (IS/IT) for managerial decision-making
  • Supply chain and operations management
  • Major economic forces that affect business activity, and the tools necessary to evaluate them
  • Total enterprise objectives with societal values in a global economy

MBA Specialization Coursework

The remaining MBA coursework is dedicated to your chosen concentration. Specialization is the gateway to a specific skillset and knowledge base that can be leveraged to reach new levels of success in your career path. Coursework will vary according to the MBA track chosen. For example, if you were to specialize in Healthcare Management, topics studied would likely be:

  • The organization and management of healthcare delivery systems in the U.S.
  • The legal relationships among healthcare users, providers, public interest, and the public
  • Policy-making and legislative trends in healthcare
  • Healthcare finance (reimbursement strategies, managed care contracting, cost control, etc.)
  • Managed care product lines and competing alternative delivery systems

Managing Life, Work, and MBA Coursework

The hardest part about completing an MBA may not be the coursework itself, but rather the pressure of maintaining a work/life/school balance. Maintaining control over this balance is key to your success in the program. Tips from former graduates can help prepare you for these types of challenges. Here’s how to stay on top of MBA coursework without sacrificing your work and family responsibilities.

  • If you take more than one class at a time, balance the course load. Combine a course you realize will be difficult or demanding for you with one that is less so.
  • Designate periods of time each week for yourself and significant others that are free of school work to recharge and focus solely on each other. Schedule this “free time,” into your calendar and consider it an unbreakable appointment.
  • Ask for help early if you start falling behind on coursework or begin to feel overwhelmed. MBA faculty and advisors want you to succeed. They make themselves available to you for coaching and guidance along the way.
  • Consider an online MBA program to avoid the added stress and time of commuting to an on-campus program. Online MBA programs maximize your opportunity to earn a degree and maintain a work-life balance, learning whenever and wherever it’s most convenient to you.

Discover a flexible MBA option for busy adults like yourself. Our Lady of the Lake University’s online MBA provides students with the tools and skills needed to be resourceful business leaders and successful entrepreneurs. No entrance exams are required for admission; the program starts three times a year, and you can earn your MBA in two years or less. Request more information now or call 855-275-1082 to speak with an admissions advisor.