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Three Benefits of Earning a General MBA

A lot of prospective students wonder about the advantages of a general Master of Business Administration versus one with a specialization. Many universities offer specializations, but that doesn't detract from the advantages of a general MBA.

The online MBA program at Our Lady of the Lake University offers advanced leadership and management skills for business-savvy men and women looking to improve their work lives.

Here are three benefits of earning a general MBA from Our Lady of the Lake University:

Unlimited job opportunities

With a general MBA, you won’t be pigeonholed into one industry. The program provides a well-rounded, international look at business, which can be applied to a variety of professions.

The average American will hold 11 jobs during his or her lifetime, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.1 Obtaining a general MBA safeguards your future. Should you decide to change employers or enter a new field, your degree will still be relevant.

In addition, there’s a wider array of job opportunities for general MBA grads than for those with specialized degrees.

Career advancement opportunities

For those already in the business world, getting a general MBA unlocks career advancement possibilities. Many students get their MBA online while working full time in hopes of moving up the corporate ladder.

Some can advance at their current employer thanks to the degree while others might be able to get another, better job. This is the best time in a decade to seek a new job, with 84 percent of employers planning to hire an MBA graduate this year.

The skills you get from a general MBA coupled in this job market can be the kind of career boost many mid-career workers are seeking.

Increased earning potential

For the most part, students enroll in a general MBA program to boost their earning potential. Research indicates earning an MBA this year could yield a big return on your investment: The predicted median salary for MBA graduates this year is $100,000, which is $45,000 more than what someone with a bachelor’s degree can earn.2

If you are one of those people weighing the pros and cons of returning to school while already juggling work and family life, that higher earning potential is often the main reason to get an MBA.3

The online MBA program at Our Lady of the Lake University can help you maximize your career options. You will learn leadership skills and team management techniques while cultivating an international business view that’s applicable in a wealth of business industries.

Learn more about the general MBA program on the Our Lady of the Lake University website.

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