What I Was Surprised to Learn in my MBA

Making the decision to enroll for the MBA program was certainly a difficult one. I had considered the program several times before in the past, always making excuses not to enroll, such as being too busy with work, or that companies valued experience over education. In all honesty, I was intimidated by the program, remembering how much I struggled with earning my Bachelor’s. I was going to have to take difficult courses such as Accounting and Finance, classes I barely passed so many years ago. The decision finally came down to my desire to find a different career path, and that the program would be my best option in making those changes, since many companies would not even consider me without prior experience in those fields.

The first course I had to take was BADM 6600, Fundamentals of Business Administration. Because of my less than desirable grades in Finance and Statistics with my Bachelor’s, I was assigned those modules to complete in the course. I was worried, thinking that if I struggled with those classes even when the material was fresh in my mind and I was studying regularly, how on earth was I supposed to perform well in them after so many years? Surprisingly, the material actually made sense this time around, which made the course much easier than anticipated.

The same happened with each of my following MBA courses. I would be intimidated by the subject topic, however after actually starting the class, I found that I was able to understand the material much easier now than it had been in the past. A lot of the material pulls from your experience, and it was interesting to see how a majority of my job responsibilities before actually applied to the courses. I had always been so focused on my title and that I was managing operations, I had not considered that I was actually influencing a variety of business aspects, such as managing finances by reducing costs in my department, or performing basic HR functions through coaching and employee performance management.

The other interesting experience from my MBA was learning how my classmates were experiencing very similar types of situations, however in completely different industries. This opened my eyes to the possibilities of moving out of the industries I had always known, and being able to apply my work experience with companies I never would have considered prior to this program. It reminded me that before my first job, I had zero experience managing warehouse workers or dispatching truck drivers, those were all things that I learned on the job. It was my understanding of business processes, how to make things run efficiently and profitably, that helped me get me those jobs. Now with my MBA, I have an even stronger understanding of the different aspects of business management, and I can take that knowledge anywhere I want to go.

I am by no means saying that the MBA program will be easy. You will be challenged to understand and apply your knowledge in the various aspects of business, some that you may have little to no experience in before. But I can tell you that you will surprise yourself with your ability to navigate through this intimidating program, and that you will gain a considerable amount of confidence in yourself and your potential for the future.

About the Author

Kelly Pool

After over 10 years of management in the Transportation and Warehousing industries, I decided to take time away from work to enjoy being a new mom and finally focus on earning my MBA. My daughter is now 2 years old and I am looking forward to graduating this December. Although I have enjoyed my time as a stay-at-home mom, I am ready to return to work and looking in the Florida area to join my boyfriend and his family. This program has helped give me the confidence to branch out of my previous roles and apply for positions I never would have considered before, so I am excited about my future career opportunities!