Potential Career Opportunities with an MBA

As I near the end of my MBA program, I have found myself back on popular job posting websites such as LinkedIn and Monster.com, looking for a new career opportunity. I left my last job while I was pregnant with my daughter, and made the decision to come home to enjoy being a first-time mom and focus on bettering myself for the future. My previous schedules had been chaotic and demanding, particularly my last job as a weekend night-shift manager in a large warehouse. Although I was never a fan of the schedule, I had always assumed that as long as I put in the time with the company, they would eventually reward me with a more desirable shift.

Learning that I was going to be a mom put a lot of things into perspective for me. For instance, unpredictable or undesirable schedules were no longer acceptable, as I wanted to be there for my daughter as much as possible. Although I would require a more “normal” schedule, I also knew that I did not want to give up the salary expectations that I had spent the last 10 years working so hard to earn. I knew that the best way to earn both the salary and schedule I needed was to make myself more desirable for future employers, and that would come from furthering my education with an MBA.

Anytime I had tried to apply for jobs in the past, companies only wanted to look at me based off of my previous work experience. They saw trucking and warehousing industry experience, and kept trying to position me in those types of roles, passing me over for anything else. With an MBA, I have increased my knowledge in different aspects of business, and I am more confident in my qualifications for a larger variety of positions. Recruiters and HR departments are more open to discussing various roles with me, including promotion type levels of management. My work experience has helped considerably in getting me noticed, however it is my MBA that has set me apart from the competition.

No longer do I feel that I have to make sacrifices to earn what I want. I do not have to take whatever position or schedule that a company is willing to give me, just to hope they recognize my efforts and reward me later. An MBA is not easy, and companies should recognize my hard work, plus time and financial commitment I have made to better myself. Although some companies still try to require undesirable schedules from me, I no longer feel obligated to accept those positions to simply get my foot in the door. It can be disheartening at times, but I remind myself that if they cannot appreciate this major accomplishment, then I cannot foresee them appreciating any of my future accomplishments, and so they are not the right company for me. I have to remind myself that new careers do not happen overnight, and that the job search process can take some time. Patience and determination have proven beneficial, as I am coming into contact with companies that are a better fit for me, and new and exciting opportunities are being brought forward.

The future looks promising for my career. My MBA has truly helped in not only broadening the scope of positions I am being considered for, but also has given me the confidence to stand firm in my requirements because I know I am worth it. It is a commitment I made to myself, to my daughter, and to my future employers, that I will do what it takes to succeed.

About the Author

Kelly Pool

After over 10 years of management in the Transportation and Warehousing industries, I decided to take time away from work to enjoy being a new mom and finally focus on earning my MBA. My daughter is now 2 years old and I am looking forward to graduating this December. Although I have enjoyed my time as a stay-at-home mom, I am ready to return to work and looking in the Florida area to join my boyfriend and his family. This program has helped give me the confidence to branch out of my previous roles and apply for positions I never would have considered before, so I am excited about my future career opportunities!