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Foundation Field Education III

Your real-world experience continues.

Your foundation field education comes to an end with this course as you move into your concentration courses.

Course Description

SOWK 6353 Foundation Field Education III is the final course in a three-part sequence designed to support and assess your field work in direct practice with individuals, families and groups, at least 50 percent of whom are economically disadvantaged, are members of ethnic or racial minority groups, are women or belong to other populations that have been marginalized or oppressed.

You will complete this course during the third term of your 450-hour practicum. The three aspects that made up SOWK 8251 and SOWK 8252 are continued in this course:

  1. One hour of formal weekly online supervision with your social work field instructor
  2. Following and revising your Education Plan
  3. The Performance Improvement Plan

The Education Plan you developed during the first term of your practicum provides you with clear-cut goals and benchmarks during this course. You will exhibit the practice behaviors and complete the learning activities detailed in the plan. Your progress and accomplishments will be assessed through an end-of-placement site visit.

Written by your field instructor and faculty liaison, your Performance Improvement Plan formalizes concerns or areas of needed growth that may surface through your field placement experience. The plan is intended to formally document areas for improvement and correction as you begin your career, providing concrete expectations for monitoring and self-correction.

Learning Outcomes

Through SOWK 8353, you will gain firsthand experience specific to professional social work identity, values and ethics, diversity, human rights, social and economic justice, and cultural competence with emphasis on Hispanic families and children.

  • Identify as a professional social worker and conduct yourself accordingly.
  • Commit yourself to the profession’s enhancement and to your own professional conduct and growth.
  • Apply social work ethical principles to guide professional practice.
  • Advance human rights and social and economic justice.
  • Tolerate ambiguity in resolving ethical conflict.
  • Engage, assess, and intervene with individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities.
  • Tolerate ambiguity in resolving ethical conflict.
  • Understand the forms and mechanisms of oppression and discrimination.
  • Recognize the global interconnections of oppression and know theories of justice and strategies to promote human and civil rights.
  • Substantively and effectively prepare for action with individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities.

Learn More About Helping Others

In SOWK 8253, you will complete the field education requirement of the foundation portion of this program. To learn more about this course or any other course in the online Master of Social Work from Our Lady of the Lake University, call 855-275-1082 to speak with an admissions advisor right away, or you can request more information.

The content presented on this page is representative information for example purposes and is subject to change as course and student needs change over time.

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