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Advanced Integrative Seminar II

Continue your field education to improve your ability to help others. As you undertake the middle term of your 450-hour practicum, you will be enrolled in SOWK 7158 Advanced Integrative Seminar II. Through this course, you have an opportunity to improve your social work skills with guidance and input from a field instructor.

Course Description

During this middle portion of your field education, you will continue to use both evidence-based approaches and culturally competent communication with Hispanic clients in an agency environment. You will most likely witness how federal, state and local laws and or policies impact a client with mixed immigration status. In practicing the skills you will have attained through your coursework, you will become more experienced in the basic steps and core skills of motivational interviewing and how it relates to intervention.

Through your immersion in an agency environment, you will become aware of the types of local community organizations designed to serve Hispanic clients and how social workers can effectively partner with these groups. Exposure to these organizations and to your colleagues in the field will present many networking opportunities that can prove valuable to you throughout your career.

Assignment Example

Create and post a series of three- to five-minute videos addressing this course’s core topics, then participate in a peer review process of each video assignment with your classmates.

Course Topics

Each week of the course focuses on a core topic or theme. Sample topics are listed below and are subject to change based on the instructor.

  • Theory and Evidence-Based Practice
  • Assessment
  • SBIRT – Interview Using MI and BNI Eliciting Change Talk
  • Intervention and Evaluation

Learning Outcomes

Through SOWK 7158, you will gain a better understanding of topics specific to professional social work identity, values and ethics, diversity, human rights, social and economic justice, and cultural competence with emphasis on Hispanic families and children.

  • Identify as a professional social worker and conduct yourself accordingly.
  • Apply social work ethical principles to guide professional practice.
  • Use critical thinking to inform and communicate professional judgments.
  • Embrace diversity and difference in practice.
  • Advance human rights and social and economic justice.
  • Engage in research-informed practice and practice-informed research.
  • Apply knowledge of human behavior and the social environment.
  • Engage in policy practice to advance social and economic well-being and to deliver effective social work services.
  • Respond to contexts that shape social work practice.
  • Assess, engage, intervene and evaluate with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities.

Learn More About Helping Others

In SOWK 7158, you will relate how coursework concepts apply to real-life situations. To learn more about this course or any other course in the online Master of Social Work from Our Lady of the Lake University, call 855-275-1082 to speak with an admissions advisor right away, or you can request more information.

The content presented on this page is representative information for example purposes and is subject to change as course and student needs change over time.

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