A group of colleagues in a conference

Practicum: School Counseling 1 – COUN 8380

Format: Online

Duration: 14 weeks

Credit: 3

You’ve gained valuable knowledge in your courses as a counselor-in-training. Now it’s time to put it to work in a real-world setting. This course is designed to expose you to the school environment and give you the opportunity to develop the necessary skills and attributes to become a fully competent certified school counselor.

Course Highlights

  • Integrate a set of counseling principles and techniques in a selected educational setting
  • Gain valuable field experience
  • Faculty supervision, as well as that of a certified school counselor
  • Develop communication skills using VoiceThread to create videos on relevant topics
  • Use social media resources (such as Pinterest) to share experiences

Weekly Themes

Each week throughout the course will focus on a different theme. Coursework, assignments and discussions will align with that theme, as well as the course’s primary objective.

Week 1 - Introduction and Course Review

This is the time to become familiar with the course, the syllabus, expectations, etc. You’ll create a VoiceThread video and submit your first weekly log. In these communications, you’ll explain the counseling skills you hope to utilize throughout this practicum experience and describe a counseling area in which you hope to gain more knowledge.

Week 2 - Confidentiality

You’ll explore the parameters placed on confidentiality in schools and private practice, as well as ways to guard against breaches of confidentiality.

Week 3 - Ethics

This week you’ll review multiple codes of ethics and become familiar with your state’s ethics regulations. You’ll also participate in discussions involving ethical dilemmas and potential solutions, as well as ways to avoid potentially difficult ethical situations.

Week 4 - Counselor Infomercial

Now’s the time to be creative. This week you’ll create a 60-second infomercial via VoiceThread explaining the role of the school counselor/private practitioner, ways that you can offer support, and how you can be reached.

Week 5 - Your Week. Your Time. Your Decision.

There will be no readings or assignments this week, and you are encouraged to spend your time in a way that personally benefits you. Prior school counseling students have used it to spend time with family and friends, catch up on program assignments or job responsibilities and indulge in self-care activities such as a relaxing massage or invigorating walks.

Week 6 - VideoThread: Observation

This week you’ll record and submit your first formal observation video, identifying an area in counseling in which you would like to strengthen your abilities.

Week 7 - Individual Counseling

This week you’ll evaluate the individual counseling sessions of fellow classmates, and identify strategies to improve their individual counseling skills.

Week 8 - Counseling Young Clients and the Role of the Counselor

You’ll create a VideoThread regarding your experience of a parent/teacher conference from the perspective of a counselor (or of a case review/staffing of a young client). You’ll also demonstrate how you can use your counseling skills in these meetings.

Week 9 - Counseling Adolescent Clients

You’ll create a VideoThread demonstration of a classroom guidance/small group activity appropriate for adolescents. You’ll identify the age-appropriate classroom activity and effectively demonstrate how to use this activity with adolescents.

Week 10 - Your Week. Your Time. Your Decision.

This week is yours. There are no readings assigned, no exams to take and no assignments to post, so use this week to benefit YOU!

Week 11 - Case Study

This week you’ll successfully complete and present a case study, identifying the theoretical framework and interventions used when working with your student/client for this study. You’ll also analyze another student’s case study and apply an appropriate theory/technique with regard to a course of action to achieve the future goals of the student/client.

Week 12 - Group Counseling: Pinterest

This week you’ll use social media to identify appropriate group counseling activities and add pins to the course Group Counseling Activity board. For this activity you will need access to Pinterest.

Week 13 - Group Counseling: Summary

You’ll complete and present a small group counseling summary, identifying the theoretical framework and interventions used when working with the group. You’ll also analyze another student’s group summary, applying an appropriate theory and suggesting techniques with regard to a course of action for the group.

Week 14 - VideoThread: Special Needs

This week you’ll create a VideoThread entitled “Counseling the Parent(s) of Students with Special Needs.” In this video, you’ll identify three counseling activities/strategies to use with parents regarding grief, acceptance and/or advocacy.

Week 15 - IEP/Initial Intake Meeting

You’ll explore the role of the school counselor in the Individualized Education Program (IEP)/Initial Intake Process. You’ll also discuss which stage the counselor should be involved in the special education process by advocating for the student’s appropriate diagnosis.

Week 16 - Debrief

Your final week is one of evaluation. You’ll identify one area where you show strength and one area where you need further development. You’ll evaluate your progress in your development of counseling skills and critique your Internship/Practicum experience.

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