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Vocational and Aptitude Assessment – COUN 6325

Course Length: 16 weeks

In the role of counselor, you’ll be in the position of assessing a variety of situations involving individuals and groups. This course offers opportunities to learn about, articulate, evaluate, apply and demonstrate an understanding of assessment, testing, tools and terms in the school counseling context.

You’ll explore the assessment of individuals and groups through the interpretation of achievement, aptitude, interest, values and self-esteem measures with attention to cultural differences and norming practices.

Course Highlights

  • Assessment presentations that show communication and assessment skills
  • A treatment recommendation video that demonstrates your assessment skills
  • A reflective paper that illustrates your personal growth
  • A collaborative portfolio that presents your group’s involvement
  • A field trip that offers experience in a real-life assessment situation

Weekly Themes

Each week throughout the course will focus on a different theme. Coursework, assignments and discussions will align with that theme, as well as the course’s primary objective.

Week 1 - Psychological Testing and Assessment

In this first week, you’ll introduce yourself to the class by creating a video via VoiceThread. You will then be introduced to the basic concepts and tools of assessment and discover the who, what, why, where and how of testing.

Week 2 - Considerations, Statistics and Tool Evaluation

You’ll learn about the historical, cultural, legal and ethical considerations of assessment, and also review basic statistical terms regarding, data, curves, scores and scales.

Week 3 - Of Tests and Testing

This week you’ll explore the seven basic assumptions of testing, as well as what makes a test a “good test.” You also examine test reliability.

Week 4 - Reliability and Validity

You’ll learn about testing validity this week and evaluate arguments regarding test fairness. You’ll also create a video demonstrating the concept of testing reliability.

Week 5 - Your Week. Your Time. Your Decision.

This week is yours. There will be no readings or assignments and you are encouraged to spend your time in a way that personally benefits you. Prior school counseling students have used it to spend time with family and friends, catch up on program assignments or job responsibilities and indulge in self-care activities such as a relaxing massage or invigorating walk.

Week 6 - Utility and Test Development

This week you will learn about test utility and discover how to discriminate between a test that is useful for a particular population and one that is not. You’ll also learn about test construction, item analysis and revision.

Week 7 - Diagnostic and Individual Planning

You’ll review websites and information regarding assessment in the school this week. You’ll identify six intervention activities you, as a school counselor, could implement on a school campus (or six intervention activities you, as a professional counselor, could implement in an agency setting). You’ll also learn key concepts regarding vocational aptitude and assessment.

Week 8 - Intelligence: Measurement and Tests

This week you’ll explore how intelligence is defined and measured and identify issues regarding intelligence and testing. You’ll also explore various types of popular IQ tests, as well as alternate means to measure IQ.

Week 9 - Assessment for Education

You’ll examine the role that testing and assessment play in the educational setting. You’ll discover the differences between achievement and aptitude tests and will learn about diagnostic tests and psychoeducational test batteries, as well as other tools of assessment.

Week 10 - Your Week. Your Time. Your Decision.

This week is yours. There are no readings assigned, no exams to take and no assignments to post, so use this week to benefit YOU!

Week 11 - Personality Assessment Overview and Methods

You’ll learn all about personality assessment methods (including objective and behavioral perspectives), instruments and culture. This week you’ll also evaluate the history, application and utility of personality testing.

Week 12 - Crisis Plans and State Laws

You’ll research, identify and evaluate campus crisis plans for campuses, private agencies, hospitals or behavior centers; You’ll also examine state laws regarding crisis management and the role the school counselor/professional counselor plays in crisis planning.

Week 13 - Clinical and Counseling Assessment, Neuropsychological Assessment

This week you’ll gain knowledge regarding the cultural impact of assessment, the special application of clinical measures, the aspects of a psychological report, the nervous system and the basics of neuropsychology.

Week 14 - Assessments, Career and Business

You’ll review topics concerning career choice/transition, screenings, measures of cognitive ability, productivity and motivation, as well as job satisfaction and tools of assessment.

Week 15 - Risk and Suicide Assessment

This week you’ll examine the responsibilities of the school counselor when dealing with self-mutilation and suicide threats, as well as official state/national recommendation and guidelines regarding risk assessment and treatment plans.

Week 16 - Final Exam and Review

This is exam week. Prior to your exam, you’ll review key concepts regarding vocational aptitude and assessment.

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