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Marketing Strategies and Policies - MKTG 8305

Course Length: 8 weeks

This course covers strategic planning for domestic and international marketing operations and their direction and control. You may discover that you know more than you think about marketing when you start analyzing real-world examples of market strategies and campaigns. You’ll learn to do field and consumer research to build your brand, develop guidelines and policies to maintain it, and create marketing proposals and materials that resonate with your target markets.

Coursework Highlights

Coursework is designed for engagement and collaboration. Here is an example of just some of the assignments and projects you will complete as part of MKTG 8305.

  • Pitch a product to a group of your classmates.
  • Choose a product and work as a group to create branding and a marketing campaign for it.

Weekly Themes

Throughout the course, each week focuses on a different theme. Group discussions and coursework will align with that week’s theme, as well as its primary objectives.

Week 1 – 21st Century Marketing Research and Development

In this week you’ll learn to:

  • Use consumers in research.
  • Explain your personal understanding of how marketing affects society.

Week 2 – Long-Term Loyalty Relationships & Analyzing Consumer and Business Markets

In this week you’ll learn to:

  • Conduct marketing research for your product.
  • Use fact-finding techniques and database searches for gathering information about target markets, competition and new products.

Week 3 – Market Segments, Brand Equity & Positioning, and Competing Effectively

In this week you’ll learn how:

  • Targeting emerging markets are changing the business world.
  • To synthesize large amounts of disparate data into a coherent pitch for a new product.

Week 4 – Product Strategy, Designing & Managing Services and Pricing Strategies

In this week you’ll:

  • Create a virtual presentation to pitch your product.
  • Critique your classmates’ pitches.

Week 5 – Market Segments, Brand Equity and Competing Effectively

In this week you’ll learn to:

  • Build a brand.
  • Position a product effectively.
  • Communicate professionally both orally and in writing.

Week 6 – Mass Communications, Personal Communications and the Global Economy

In this week you’ll:

  • Work with your classmates on a study of consumer markets and competitors.
  • Use project management skills to plan and complete the study.
  • Learn about the range of research methods you can use.

Week 7 – Research Projects

In this week you’ll work on your group research paper and PowerPoint presentation.

Week 8 – Final Exam

In week eight, you will take a final exam that covers material learned throughout the course. This will conclude the course.

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