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Strategic Human Resources Management: Policies and Practices - BADM 8318

Course Length: 8 weeks

The impact of human resource’s role in developing, coordinating and enforcing policies and procedures that support corporate strategy, as well as finding, developing and retaining talented employees, is vital to organizational success. In today's competitive world, organizations are discovering that it is how the individual human resource (HR) topics are combined in a comprehensive fashion that makes all the difference in terms of competition and effectiveness. In this course, you will explore the specifics of this process.

Coursework Highlights

Coursework is designed for engagement and collaboration. Here is an example of just some of the assignments and projects you will complete as part of BADM 8318.

  • Review what you have learned with quick quizzes.
  • Examine three case studies and articulate their personal impact on you.

Weekly Themes

Throughout the course, each week focuses on a different theme. Group discussions and coursework will align with that week’s theme, as well as its primary objectives.

Week 1 – Human Resource Management in Perspective

In the first week of the course you’ll learn to connect the challenge of human resource management that the companies face today; develop strategy for human resources planning in your organization (application); and define the mission, vision and values of competing organizations.

Week 2 – Human Resource Requirements

During week two you’ll explore legislation connected with equal employment opportunity, determine adverse impact, and define job analyses and how they affect human resource management.

Week 3 – Expanding the Talent Pool

In week three you’ll examine how an organization’s strategy affects its recruiting efforts, why quiet diverse recruitment and career development activities are important to companies and the various decision strategies for effective hiring.

Week 4 – Training and Development

Week four marks the midpoint of the course. During this time you will study the strategic approach to training and development. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of various evaluation criteria, and explore performance management within the context of establishing goals and ongoing performance feedback.

Week 5 – Managing Compensation

In week five you will learn how to formulate strategic compensation programs, become acquainted with federal laws affecting compensation and explore how to implement effective incentive programs.

Week 6 – Employee Benefits and Safety

Week six focuses on why companies offer their employees benefits and are concerned about their costs, study the types of work/life benefits that employers may provide and examine ways to cope with job stress.

Week 7 – Employee Rights

In week seven you’ll explore the concepts of employee rights and employee responsibilities, study the role of ethics in human resource management and discuss some of the contemporary challenges for labor organizations.

Week 8 – International Human Resource Management

At the conclusion of the course you will examine the economic, political and cultural factors in different countries that human resource managers need to consider. Learn to differentiate between domestic and international HRM and how labor relations differ around the world.

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